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Cloud Application Lifecycle Management offers an enterprise-class platform to automate provisioning, build and deployment of your multi-tiered applications. FOLO helped them build the identity, stationery, supporting collateral & a marketing website.


Identity Symbol

The CALM identity symbol is inspired by the quote ‘still waters run deep’. At the surface, water may be turbulent, but, at the depths, there is calm. The calm at the depth makes possible the smooth functioning of life, and, any submersion into the depth achieves calm. The calm wave is a symbol of what the surface holds beneath it. It is a symbol of endurance, sustainance and activity.


After conceiving the identity symbol, a supporting visual language was developed that guided the usage of the logo in different formats, typography for varying media, the colour system, tonality, iconography & the photography associated with the brand. A range of supporting collateral & a marketing website were what followed.