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About FOLO

We are currently operating out of the beautiful city of Ahmedabad.

Aditya Dipankar


Having worn many hats as a designer and earned a master’s in information and interface design from the National Institute of Design, Aditya has had a varied experience as a designer. His love for graphic design has taken the form of infographics, interfaces, identities and digital artwork that he’s made both for clients and himself. He is the designer behind Freecharge’s new identity, which was FOLO’s first project. Aditya’s also a singer and has performed at various venues. His deep interest in Kabir’s poetry has also taken him to speak at TEDx Dharamshala.

Priyanka Borar


Priyanka enjoys playing with technology and bending it to discover new forms of expression. Her research interests lie in discovering how performing arts can inform the changing aesthetics of human-computer interaction . She earned her master’s in New Media Design from National institute of Design after graduating in Information Systems from BITS Pilani. This academic mix has allowed her to develop an experimental approach in her practice. She enjoys sketching as much as she likes to fiddle with code. She believes in connecting the knowledge of the old with the capacity of the new.

Arnav Sameer


A Computer Science graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, Arnav works with a range of disciplines such as graphic, information, interface & sound design.  Along with managing the music production division of FOLO, he works on creating visual identities for brands, visual narratives for information and building multi-platform user experiences for products, applications & services.

Arvind Lodaya

Arvind Lodaya consults on design, innovation and branding with industries & NGOs, and has taught at various institutes of design in India. He has been involved in several startups, including an environmental NGO, a strategic design consultancy and a design business incubator. After becoming the Creative Director at Ogilvy he was the Senior Faculty and Research Dean at Srishti, where he helped develop and launch programs on Product & Interface Design and Transcultural Design. He was an HP-Srishti Research Chairperson, part of the Nokia-Srishti Design Lab, and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Gothenburg. He is an advisor to DLabs, a business incubator at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, where he leads workshops on Design Thinking and Business Innovation and also on the board of Quest Alliance and USID Foundation, nonprofits in the social innovation space.